PREP loves sharing good stories about inspiring people. All of the models on our hair menu are people with a real zest for life and we’re happy to introduce you to them as part of a series of PREP Spotlights.

Cheryl Goh


What do you work as?
I’m a broadcast journalist at Power 98.

What are some of the best parts of your work that you look forward to?
Seeing the fruits of my labour go on live radio, reading and writing my scripts and delivering news updates to the listeners through my own words and voice.

What are some interests you have outside of work?
Running, dogs, travel, retail therapy and fashion.

What makes you excited about these interests?
I guess these activities let me find out a bit more about myself each time, i.e. when I run, I try to push myself to go farther or faster and see if I can reach that. Travel is something I wish I had the time/funds to do more often – its a stark reminder that the world is so, so big and there’s so much more I can learn. Fashion is just sheer fun because I’m a vainpot and I enjoy dressing up and feeling/looking good.

You’d most likely be found getting a blowout at PREP when you need to PREP for…
Definitely for occasions and functions, like a good friend’s wedding or that special date! (I wish I had the luxury to do it daily though)