PREP loves sharing good stories about inspiring people. All of the models on our hair menu are people with a real zest for life and we’re happy to introduce you to them as part of a series of PREP Spotlights.

Shermeen Tan


What do you work as?
A brand designer.

What are some of the best parts of your work that you look forward to?
Learning the most random facts while I’m researching to weave a tighter brand story together, like did you know the collective noun for zebras is a zeal of zebras ? Sieving through hundreds of visuals to create moodboards with the perfect nuances. Seeing a brand being birthed into life. Working with people who like to dress as strangely as me.

What are some interests you have outside of work?
Drinking tea. Reading. People. Workshops. Wikipedia & IMDB. Being curious.

What makes you excited about these interests?
Learning something new! Breadth, depth, skills-wise, about yourself, about someone else, about the cat next door, etc. It’s tons of fun.

You’d most likely be found getting a blowout at PREP when you need to PREP for… 
A hot date with myself.