PREP loves sharing good stories about inspiring people. All of the models on our hair menu are people with a real zest for life and we’re happy to introduce you to them as part of a series of PREP Spotlights.

Ruoxi Tham

What do you work as?
I work as a do-whatever-needs-to-be-done in a start up that encourages energy efficiency.

What are some of the best parts of your work that you look forward to?
Some of the best parts of my work… are my colleagues (cliche but so true!) and ironically, learning to deal with problems I never thought I’d be faced with!!!

What are some interests you have outside of work?
I like crafting! And testing out all these DIY projects I see so much of when I’m on the internet.

What makes you excited about these interests?
I’ve always like the idea of being able to make things that I like, and most of all I really enjoy the process and product (even if most of the time it needs more practice). For example, I spent a weekend with 2 friends making little pins and tokens for another friend’s hen party. It was time consuming but very fun to see the fruits of our labor, and felt great that all our friends appreciated our time and effort.

You’d most likely be found getting a blowout at PREP when you need to PREP for… 
Dinners, dates, parties, the list goes on..!!! PREP always makes me feel glamorous and pampered.