PREP loves sharing good stories about inspiring people. All of the models on our hair menu are people with a real zest for life and we’re happy to introduce you to them as part of a series of PREP Stars.

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What do you work as?
I’ve just joined LaPrendo, a luxury retailer and tastemaker with a curated offering of fashion and desirable objects from established European labels as well as up-and-coming designers. As a Fashion Management Trainee, I’m currently getting to know our store and our clientele better at the Dempsey Road boutique, before continuing on my rotation at our Fullerton Hotel boutique and the office. I also contribute to a few other functions, such as website content development and inventory management.

What are some of the best parts of your work that you look forward to?
I enjoy working with this dynamic team of über-talented and motivated individuals. I also derive great satisfaction when I successfully coax our style-savvy customers to try something new or different, that is just a little outside their comfort zone. We are confident about the products we carry, and it’s great when we can convince our clients that they are a joy to own and wear.

What are some interests you have outside of work?
I have several, but the common thread through most of my interests is that they involve creating or creativity. I did a couple of amazing summer stints at Saint Pierre the restaurant, and Sebastien’s Bistro many years ago, baking bread, and assisting with pastry and desserts, and the baking bug has not left me since. I enjoy travelling, going to exhibitions, cocktails/dining, learning about a craft.. a year ago I went to Yogyakarta in Indonesia to study batik-making under the artists Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam; it was a short but humbling and enriching experience. I also like bring people together at dinner parties and would love to host more in future.

What makes you excited about these interests?
In one word, inspiration. I want to be aware of the world around me, and to continue training my eye for beauty. I believe every unique experience allows you to apply a new perspective to problem solving, in a very general sense, and makes you a more interesting person! So I try to keep an open mind and have a sense of curiosity.

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