An often-heard employment adage is: “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” This saying popularized in the 1970s by John T. Molloy’s book, Dress for Success, still holds true today. A similar vein is “You are what you wear,” – especially in the corporate world where women, and men, need to make a positive impression, and require their hairstyle and attires to give them confidence, yet not be the focus of attention.

With this tall order for multitasking outfits and hair, PREP teamed up with luxury retailer Club 21’s Style Services, a personal shopping service, to showcase office appropriate hair and make-up demonstration at Societe Generale private bank on 12 July. About 30 women received styling tips from Lani Chan, head of Club 21’s Style Services who shared how to achieve a stylish work wardrobe, while one of PREP’s founders Yishi Lian Teh, hairstylist Sherman Poh and makeup artist Hong Ling Lim provided the hair and makeup tips.

Club 21’s advice: Focus on tasteful accessories such as earrings and necklaces to transform an outfit and wear tailored jackets, skirts and pants. After work, shrug off your professional power jacket, and swap chic accessories for bolder, statement pieces that showcase your personality.

Makeup tip: Keep makeup minimal for work, use simple eyeliner and mascara to provide definition with groomed brows. For dinner and cocktail hour worthy makeup, Hong Ling showed how to use varying shades of dark grey and black eye shadow to create a subtle smoky eye.

PREP’s advice: Our signature Brave New Curl : a voluminous blowout is suitable for daily office polish. The curls and texture can easily be reused for a nighttime transformation.

The Much Updo About Nothing: a half updo, which can be done in multiple ways, is shown here with a braid that sweeps hair to one side, over the curls at the bottom. The braid is simple to do yet makes hair interesting for cocktail hour.

Tip: Redken Powder Refresh, a dry shampoo is a great tool to have in your beauty arsenal that revives limp hair and oily roots at the end of a work day and gets hair bouncy for cocktails or dinner. (Available at PREP).

Work attire and hair: Florence (bottom left), in a vibrant pink Emporio Armani dress.

Sherman gave Florence our signature Brave New Curls; shiny, voluminous curls.

After work attire and hair: Lani showed how throwing on accessories such as cute gloves, necklaces and an outgoing jacket easily transformed this sleek corporate look into a playful outfit.

Sherman transformed the bouncy curls into Much Updo About Nothing; a half-updo, with a simple side braid, starting above one ear going along the nape, pinned under the remaining hair at the other ear- jazzing up her polished curls.

Tip: If you have limp locks at the end of the day, simple spray some Redken Powder Refresh at the scalp to combat the oil and give some lift.

Casual attire and hair: Cindy (bottom right) in a bat wing-like Stella McCartney top work with pants. Lani recommended throwing on a jacket for more polish at meetings.

Sherman added volume in Cindy’s crown area and slight waves to make the bob look sultry for Happy Hour.

Work attire and hair: Lani recommended switching the trendy pants to a streamlined skirt and adding a structured jacket.

Sherman gave For Cindy’s chin-length bob a Tousled Berry Finn: stylish waves suitable for any length.

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