At PREP, we’ve the privilege of working with some of the most amazing, stylish, passionate and inspiring people around and we want to give you a glimpse of some of the things these style-makers and scene-stealers are currently loving and obsessing over. To kick off the “PREP Picks” series, it’s our own Jacelyn Soh, one-third of PREP and all-round sweetheart and animal lover.


The number-cruncher in the trio of PREP lady bosses, Jacelyn is always the picture of cool, collected chic with her classic and modern style. A self-confessed homebody she loves nothing more than a night in with a home-cooked meal surrounded by two of the greatest loves of her life – husband Andrew and furbaby Max. While this might sound seemingly contradictory, she also loves the exposure to the new and unique tastes and sights that travel brings, and names Italy with its fabulous dining scene and luscious scenery, as one of her all-time favourite travel destinations.

Here are her current loves and obsessions:

PREP Picks - Jacelyn

1. Clé de Peau Beauté Concealor: “My everyday cheat-stick to natural, flawless skin. I never leave home without this!”

2. Chanel Espadrilles: “These are my dressed-for-comfort shoes. They’re casual but stylish enough that I don’t feel or look sloppy in them.”

3. Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Caribbean: “I’ve been learning to cook recently and this is perfect for making broths and stews in. Great for any rookie, wannabe home-cooks because it cooks everything so evenly and beautifully.”

4. Cranberry Almond Granola from The Edible Company: “I have to have this for breakfast every morning – handmade granola, made with the best natural ingredients. So delish with organic yoghurt!”

5. Redken Wind Blown Finishing Spray ($32 at PREP): “I love using this for my hair after a blowout. It gives my hair such great texture, with a lovely, soft matte finish.”