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Passionate and colorful. Dynamic and vibrant. That’s how Angie Chen lives life, with the occasional pause to reflect and nestle in some down-time with her family over good food. Her ideal weekend is always the perfect balance of both creature comforts and venturing out to explore the new.

It is not surprising then that she names New York and London as her favourite travel destinations, where she relishes in taking in the vibrancy and dynamism the arts, music, food and fashion scene in those cities have to offer. Her love of the vivid and the unique runs through her exuberant approach to life and her wardrobe. As the curator for THE FIFITH COLLECTION, Angie lends her vibrant yet impeccably chic and refined taste, and detailed eye to the selection of the choicest vintage pieces for the online store.

We have the pleasure of having Angie share with us some of her current loves and obsessions. Enjoy!

PREP Picks - Angie

1. Vintage Christian Lacroix: “I have always been a big fan of Lacroix for his intricate and opulent designs, but this year I am determined to stop buying fast fashion and collect everything Lacroix due to the historical value of each piece.”

2. Le Cinéma Olfactif by Folie A Plusiers Perfumes: “A good friend of mine in Berlin started this perfume project with perfumer Mark Buxton (of Comme des Garcons fame) to create fragrances inspired by films. My personal favourites from this series are Mood Indigo and Virigin Suicides. They smell exactly like what the movie should be.”

3. Glamglow Supermud: “This is my daily solution to the clogged pores in my otherwise clear skin. Such a lifesaver for those problem areas and my skin always feels so smooth after each use.”

4. Benoit Missolin Headgear: “The perfect balance of quirkiness and elegance, a Benoit piece always adds that extra style oomph to my outfits.” 

5. Tangle Teezer Comb: “This is my answer to reviving flat and lifeless-looking hair. I reach for it at the end of a long work day to give my hair that gorgeous, voluminous boost.”